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We provide an in-house, customised Landscaping service to our clients, transforming an outdoor space of any size with plants and bespoke garden items from our handpicked, trusted suppliers.

Our expert designers will happily visit your home and craft a personalised design, tailoring it to your tastes, or will simply provide advice and recommendations on how to make the best use of the space with the most suitable plants for your outdoor area. 


We provide a fully flexible package, and our services can be booked for as little as one hour. There is no minimum payment, and we only ever charge for the precise amount of work done and materials used.


You can call us for any of your garden requirements, including:

  • Redesigning a bed

  • Refreshing or repotting tired plants

  • Providing single potted plants as a feature piece.

  • Sourcing specialist plants

  • Restyling a terrace or courtyard

  • Creating a customised design for your garden

  • Planting up a window box or hanging baskets


If you are interested in our services, our usual process runs as follows:​

  • Firstly, we have a conversation to identify precisely what you need.

  • If required, we book a site consultation at your home, and then in close discussion with you, create your personalised design or offer some recommendations.

  • We write a quote and once this has been agreed upon, we order the materials and book a date to carry out the work.

  • Once the design is complete, if you are interested we can also provide a regular maintenance service to ensure that your garden stays looking its best all year round.


Call us on 0207 349 1696 or 0207 627 2579 to set up a plan specifically designed to meet your needs.

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