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Bulbs to plant in February

Ready to plant!

A selection of seasonal bulbs to plant now for a colourful garden as soon as March.


With its several layers of extremely thin petals packed firmly together is highly popular for arrangements

or bouquets. They bloom for around 6 weeks in June/July. Bright golds, pinks, as well as white, are used. Ranunculus prefers well-drained soil and full light, making them ideal for containers, pots, and beds.

Lily of The Valley

Flowers are strongly fragrant and have waxy textured petals followed by brilliant crimson berries. A great plant for growing in the shade. Excellent for ground cover beneath trees and bushes.

Bloom in early May!

Bulb Planter

A bulb planter prevents you from disturbing any more soil than necessary, making it ideal for planting amongst other plants or in turf, as well as taking the guesswork out of getting the depth right and speeding up the process - measurements along the side to help you plant the bulb at the appropriate depth.

When purchasing your bulbs at The Palace Gardener - consider this tool to make your experience a lot better!

Important Tips for Bulbs

- After flowering, cut off the flowers (only when the plant has wilted and all the leaves have died, as leaves bring essential nutrients for when the bulb blooms next year)

- Bulbs contain all nutrients they need within themselves, so there is no need for additional plant nutrition.

- Don't water excessively as bulbs rot easily.

- Can tolerate frost, but not heavy rains as there is a chance they will rot.

- To prevent the bulb from rotting, take the bulb out of the soil after flowering (only after the plant has wilted). Store in a dry cloth in a dry and dark place over winter, until it's time to plant it again.

If you need detailed instructions on care or planting, please call or visit The Palace Gardener in person.

We're here to help!

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