• The Palace Gardener

Flowers at The Palace Gardener

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with TooManyFlowers. From October, you will find at The Palace Gardener a selection of the best quality handtied bouquets.

TooManyFlowers has set up store at The Chelsea Gardener, where you can visit them for bespoke arrangements.

Elisabeth Fleming has built one of the leading Event Florists in London, specializing in beautiful flower arrangements for a variety of events, weddings, and contracts.

With 6 years of experience providing flowers for events and weddings in London, you can be confident in trusting their knowledge when it comes to flowers for events and weddings.

Their style is all about texture and visual impact. They love eclectic combinations of colours and blooms that nature put together all by itself. They are also obsessed with the detail and finishing touches, you can be sure TooManyFlowers will create something spectacular and unique for your event.

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